FREE STICKERS by affiliation / brand ambassador - Hooligan Stickers

Become a Hooligan Stickers affiliate today and receive free stickers for your motorcycle!

Do you like our stickers? Do you like free stuff? Are you active on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok? Do you have a lot of followers? Are they Public? Are you willing to add a custom discount link and our #hashtag to all your future motorcycle-related posts and stories? If you have answered yes to all the questions, then you are eligible to become a Hooligan Stickers affiliate and promote our stickers on your own bike on any of these media sites.

Depending on the volume of traffic you send us, you will receive free stuff, new stickers each year, and promo items every couple of months if you keep promoting us. Free shipping; free stickers for your bike; your own personalized 10% discount link that will grow with the volume you send us to add to your bio and profile page; and some goodies to give away to your followers twice a year.

How to become an affiliate:

1. Like and share our Instagram and Facebook pages.

2. Create an account on our website and add all the stickers in your cart you would like to install on your bike and promote for us on IG and others. 

3. Send us an email at with your Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok account that you will be promoting our stickers on to see how many followers you have and how many posts a month you create.

4. Once you are approved, we will cut your stickers and take a picture of them ready to ship, and we will send that picture to you by email to start the affiliation with your first post.

5. Once you receive that picture create a new post (not a story) with the discount code we created for you, our profile link @hooligan.stickers, and the  hashtag #hooliganstickers along with the picture of your order you receive from us. Add a small description of your choice. (Example: New stickers are coming from @hooligan.stickers / #hooliganstickers / ) and post it witn no private setting.

6. we will send you a special code that you will add at checkout for the stickers to be free and you will need to choose the shipping option and pay the shipping fees (they will be refunded see below)

**On your first order, you will need to pay for the shipping fees, and they will be refunded after 12 unique affiliate posts for USA/Canada affiliates and 18 unique affiliate posts for international affiliates.

*Once all these steps are done and verified, we will ship the stickers*  

You never need to pay for future shipping costs once the required posts are done.

All posts created with our tags and stickers need to stay on your account for at least one year, or at best, stay there forever.