Vinyl Sticker Installation Guide

Instruction Hooligan Stickers

Clean that area good!

First, make sure you have a dry place and no wind to install your stickers. Make sure to prep the area, this is the most important part of installing a sticker. If you put your sticker on a dirty surface or cold surface it will not stick so let's make sure the area is nice and clean so that it can adhere to where you are going to place it. You can use soap and water, rubbing alcohol 70% or any other fast drying cleaner. Our favorite one is rubbing alcohol since it dries by itself within seconds and leaves no residue behind. On that note, do not use anything like Windex or other household spray cleaners that leave a residue behind or oily substance, that defeats the purpose and will cause you stickers not to adhere to best of its capabilities.

Decide and peel

After you have cleaned your bike, you now need to decide where you want to center the sticker in the area you cleaned. We use a measuring tape to measure from different spots on the bike to make sure I have it I have it exactly where I want it and that it will not turn out crooked, When we measure we use a pieces of masking tape to mark the measurements, normally four for left/right/top/bottom. Then I have a somewhat boxed area to force me to place the sticker where it should go. Be aware after you stick it, you can not undo it and use it again since it can separate the design or text from each other. after you decide where you want it, go ahead and start to peel you sticker back, if it doesn't stick to the transfer tape the first pull, replace the transfer tape and push it together with your fingers or use a credit card to press together.

Place that sticker on your bike

Everything is good to go! now fully peel the sticker off the backing and hold it on the tips of the transfer tape. Try not to touch the back of the sticker itself since it could leave dirt on you stickers backside. you should have each hand holding the furthest corners from each other and keep it tight so that the sticker does not fold in on itself. Place one end of the sticker down and then smooth it out to the other end until the sticker is fully placed. Finally just give the decal 5 minutes before you remove the transfer tape. you may have to help the smaller stickers off the transfer paper on to the surface before you can remove all the transfer tape.


Removal of stickers:

If you decide to remove your stickers in the future all you need to do is start to peel on the edge and slowly remove at a downward slanted angle. then use rubbing alcohol or goo gone to remove any sticky residue left behind.

Installation Video: 

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