Vinyl Sticker Installation Guide

Installation Video:

Instruction Hooligan Stickers

Make sure the area is clean and free of dirt and grease before applying your stickers. This is the most crucial step in the installation process; if you apply a sticker to a cold or dirty surface, it will not stick. You can use soap and water, 70% rubbing alcohol, or any other fast-drying cleaner; we prefer rubbing alcohol because it dries quickly and leaves no residue; however, avoid using household spray cleaners like Windex or anything greasy that might leave a residue.

Choose and peel: After cleaning your bike, you must choose where you want the sticker to be centered in the cleaned area. To ensure that the sticker will go in the correct place and not come out crooked, we measure from various spots on the bike and mark the measurements with pieces of masking tape (usually four for left, right, top, and bottom). This creates a somewhat boxed area that forces me to place the sticker where it should go. Note that once you stick the sticker on, you cannot take it off and reapply since it may separate the design or text. Once you have decided, begin peeling the sticker back; if it does not stick to the transfer tape after the first pull, replace the transfer tape and press down again

Now that you have the sticker on your bike, everything is ready! Peel the sticker off the backing completely and hold it on the tips of the transfer tape. Avoid touching the back of the sticker itself, as this could cause dirt to get on it. Hold the furthest corners of the sticker with each hand, keeping them tight to prevent the sticker from folding in on itself. Place one end of the sticker down, and then smooth it out to the other end until the sticker is fully placed. Finally, give the decal five minutes before removing the transfer tape; you might need to help the smaller stickers peel off the transfer paper and onto the surface before you can remove all of the transfer tape.


Removal of stickers: To remove stickers later on, simply begin by peeling the edges and carefully removing them at a slanted downward angle. Any sticky residue can then be removed with rubbing alcohol or Goo Gone.